China After Mao : The Rise of a Superpower

Frank Dikotter Paperback 416 pages In China After Mao, award-winning historian Frank Dik tter explores how the People s Republic of China was transformed from a backwater economy in the 1970s i...

Jamie Oliver

One : Simple One-Pan Wonders

Hardback 312 pages In ONE, Jamie Oliver will guide you through over 120 recipes for tasty, fuss-free and satisfying dishes cooked in just one pan. What's better: each recipe has just eight ingredi...

A Brief History of Motion

Tom Standage Paperback 272 pages The product of deep research, great intelligence and burnished prose . . . It is rare that I encounter a non-fiction author whose prose is so elegant that it ...

Boker Tov (English)

Boker Tov - Tom Sas Hardback 189 pagina's Tel Aviv is kleurrijk, kosmopolitisch, een stad vol contrasten, geuren en smaken. Die sfeer en die heerlijke Israëlische streetfood brengt Boker Tov (= ...

Saskia Naafs

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Amsterdam

Saskia Naafs Paperback 256 pages The 500 Hidden Secrets of Amsterdam reveals 500 off-the- beaten-track places and interesting details for anyone who’s keen to explore Amsterdam’s best-kept se...

Flying Blind: The 737 MAX Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing

Peter Robinson Hardback 336 pages Discover the corporate scandal that transfixed the world, cost hundreds of innocent lives, and almost destroyed a global institution. Boeing is a century-old tit...

Atlas of the Heart

HardbackBrene Brown In her latest book, five-time #1 New York Times bestselling author Dr Brene Brown, writes, "If we want to find the way back to ourselves and each other, we need language and the g...

Stephen Hawking

Brief Answers to the Big Questions

PaperbackStephen Hawking The world-famous cosmologist and #1 bestselling author of A Brief History of Time leaves us with his final thoughts on the universe's biggest questions in this brilliant post...

Accidentally Wes Anderson

HardbackWally Koval Wes Anderson's beloved films announce themselves through a singular aesthetic - one that seems too vivid, unique, and meticulously constructed to possibly be real. Not so - in Acci...

The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race, and Identity

SoftbackDouglas Murray Are we living through the great derangement of our times? In The Madness of Crowds Douglas Murray investigates the dangers of 'woke' culture and the rise of identity politics. ...

Ikigai (Hardback)

HardbackHector Garcia - Francesc Miralles THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERWe all have an ikigai. It's the Japanese word for 'a reason to live' or 'a reason to jump out of bed in the morning'. It's the p...

Papyrus : The Invention of Books in the Ancient World

Are you a book lover? Prove it by reading this cerebral Spanish bestseller from 2019....

Mobilising Hate

Martin Davidson Paperback 404 pages In this radical new perspective on the Holocaust, Davidson challenges popular understanding and existing histories of the Holocaust. He does this in three m...

The Path of Peace : Walking the Western Front Way

Anthony Seldon Hardback 368 pages The Western Front Way, an idea that waited 100 years for its moment, is the simplest and fittest memorial yet to the agony of the Great War. Anthony Seldon's acc...

How the World Really Works. A Scientist's Guide to Our Past, Present and Future.

Vaclav Smil Paperback 336 Pages We have never had so much information at our fingertips and yet most of us don't know how the world really works. This book explains seven of the most fundamental ...

After the Romanovs : Russian exiles in Paris between the wars

Helen Rappaport Hardback 336 pages From the internationally bestselling author of Four Sisters comes the story of the Russian aristocrats, artists, and intellectuals who sought refuge in Belle E...

Endless Flight : The Life of Joseph Roth

Keiron Pim Hardback 544 pages The first English language biography of the great European writer Joseph Roth, exploring his genius and his tragic life story, lived in the shadow of war. The brill...

Personality and Power : Builders and Destroyers of Modern Europe

Ian Kershaw Hardback 512 pages One of the great historians of our age asks: how far can a single leader alter the course of history?The modern era saw the emergence of individuals who had comman...

Rebecca Solnit

Wanderlust : A History of Walking

Paperback 352 pages What does it mean to be out walking in the world? From pilgrimages to protest marches, mountaineering to meandering, this modern classic weaves together numerous histories to t...

Antony Beevor

Russia : Revolution and Civil War 1917-1921

Hardback 592 pages Between 1917 and 1921 a devastating struggle took place in Russia following the collapse of the Tsarist empire. Many regard this savage civil war as the most influential event o...

Entitled : How Male Privilege Hurts Women

Kate Manne Paperback 288 pages Male entitlement takes many forms. To sex, yes, but more insidiously to admiration, bodily autonomy, knowledge, power, even care. In this urgent intervention, phi...

Lives of the Stoics : The Art of Living from Zeno to Marcus Aurelius

Ryan Holiday & Stephen Hanselman Paperback 352 pages For millennia, Stoicism has been the ancient philosophy that attracts those who seek greatness, from athletes to politicians and everyone in ...

Regula Ysewijn

Belgian Café Culture

For your friend who REALLY likes going to cafés, and can stop whenever they want, OK?...

Friedrich Nietzsche

Beyond Good and Evil

Friedrich Nietzsche Hardcover One of the most iconoclastic philosophers of all time, Nietzsche dramatically rejected notions of good and evil, truth and God. Beyond Good and Evil demonstrates that th...
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