La meuZenne / Vin de Liege / Gray Souvignier & Lambic Beer / Heure-le-Romain, Belgium / 12% ABV / Glass €9 / Bottle €48 

This ingenious invention by the sommelier Andy De Brouwer mixes the sourness of a lambic with the spritz of a sparkling wine 


Riesling Kabinett / Schönberg / 100% Riesling / Hessische Bergstrasse,  Germany / 8% ABV / Glass €6 / Bottle €27

In the mood for something light, elegant, and sweet? This late harvest style Riesling is an absolute delight 


Grüner Veltliner 2021 (Natural Wine) / Meinklang / 100% Grüner Veltliner /  Burgenland, Austria / 11% ABV / Glass €6 / Bottle €25

With its lovely, crisp apple notes, you’d never know this wine was natural, or vegan for  that matter 


Pulp Fiction (Natural Wine) / Machherndl / Grüner Veltliner & Riesling / Wachau, Austria / 12,5% ABV / Glass €7,5  / Bottle €34

This offbeat and unfiltered wine can best be summed up by the winemaker, Erich, himself: “Not needy, but simply naughty. Suitable for sexy meals and making love–not falling asleep.”


Buntsandstein Blanc de Noir 2020 / Steintal / 100% Pinot Noir / Klingenberg,  Germany / 12% ABV / Glass €8 / Bottle €39

More commonly a red wine, this Pinot Noir features nutty and herbaceous aromas, with  just a hint of lemon, a lively acidity, and a touch of cream 


Morillon / Schauer / 100% Chardonnay / Südsteiermark, Austria / 135 ABV / Glass €8,5 / Bottle €42

For better or for worse, Chardonnay grows almost everywhere, so why not try one from the steep vineyards at the base of the Austrian alps? 





Weisser Mulatschak (Natural Wine) / Meinklang / Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris  & Welschriesling / Burgenland, Austria / 11,5% ABV /  Glass €7 / Bottle €30

This unfiltered wine is aromatic and funky, with notes of grapefruit and lime




Vom Löss Spätburgunder 2020 / Schönberg / 100% Pinot Noir / Hessische  Bergstrasse, Germany / 13% ABV / Glass €8 / Bottle €39

This German Pinot Noir, which features a spicy aroma, notes of ripe berries as well  as some earthy notes, was just awarded 91 Points from Meiningers (note: it is a bit reductive, so may need to breathe)


Pinot Noir / Aldeneyck / 100% Pinot Noir / Maasvallei Limburg, Belgium /  13% ABV / Glass €9,5 / Bottle €53

Delicate flavors of black fruit mixed with a touch of oak


Tierra Savia / Piu Tinto / 95% Grenache & 5% Tempranillo / Seville, Spain / 14,5% ABV /  Glass €8 / Bottle €37

This wine all luddites can appreciate: the grapes are picked by hand, then fermented for one month in a 100-year-old amphora, then buried and aged in that same amphora for ten months. How cool is that?


Mon Ross / Forteto della Luja / 100% Barbera / Barbera d’Asti, Italy /  13,5% ABV / Glass €7,5 / Bottle €32

An Italian classic (from La Scoperta at Hopland 50) with a velvety texture, a powerful acidity, and subtle red-fruit notes  


Saboteur Red / Luddite / Shiraz Blend / Botrivier, South Africa / 14,5% ABV /  Glass €9,5 / Bottle €51

A stellar (80% Shiraz) blend that mixes notes of red fruit with cinnamon and vanilla, made by our fellow luddites in South Africa



Bodegas Quixote 2018 / DOP Pago Casa del Blanco / Merlot, Tempranillo, & Petit Verdot / La Mancha, Spain / 14,5% ABV /  Glass €7 / Bottle €30

Aged for twelve months in French and American oak barrels, then stored in a cellar for three years, giving you this woody, full-bodied wine with a long aftertaste 




  • Rosé Brut 2020 / Vaux / Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc & Chardonnay / Rheingau, Germany / 12% ABV / €8 glass / €39 bottle
    A dry, elegant sparkling rosé created using the same method as champagne



  • Rosé Brut 2020 / Vaux / Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc & Chardonnay / Rheingau, Germany / 12% ABV / €8 glass / €39 bottle
    A dry, elegant sparkling rosé created using the same method as champagne
  • Träublein / Vaux / Rheingau, Germany / 0% ABV / €6 glass / €25 bottle

    What better place to drink grape juice from than a vineyard? This non-alcoholic concoction has the color of a light rosé, the taste of an elegant grape juice, and the slight spritz of an aged champagne.








*A quick note about natural wines: natural wines are not simply organic. Generally, the term is applied to vineyards who reject today’s sophisticated winemaking technology, and seek to produce wine in the same manner they did a century ago.  This means the yeast they use tends to be wild, sulfites are usually not added, and the vineyard’s environmental impact is minimal. 




Rex (6,9% ABV) €4,5

Triple d'Anvers (8% ABV) €4,5

Orval (6,2% ABV) €4,5



Our beans are brought to you by Crossroast/Caffe Mundi (Oude Beurs 24, 2000 Antwerpen)


Espresso €2,5

Double Espresso €2,8

Americano €3

Cappuccino €3,5

Flat White €3,8

Latte €3,8


Hot Chocolate & Chai


Dark Chocolate €3,8

Milk Chocolate €3,8

Ruby Chocolate €3,8

Chai Latte €3,8

Dirty Chai Latte €4,5








Our teas are brought to you by Songbird/Caffe Mundi (Oude Beurs 24, 2000 Antwerpen)


Earl Grey (Black) €3

English Breakfast (Black) €3

Orange (Black) €3

Steamed Zomba (Green) €3

Peach & Ginger (Green) €3

White Hibiscus (White) €3


Herbal Infusions


Rooibos €4

Chamomile €4

Soft Drinks


Fritz Cola (20 cL) €3,5

Fritz Cola Light (20 cL) €3,5

Fritz Rhubarb Soda (20cL) €3,5

Fritz Lemonade (20cl) €3,5

Ginger Ale (20 cL) €3,8

Ginger Beer (20 cL) €3,8

Apple Juice (20 cL) €3





Sparkling (25cL) €2,5

Still (25cL) €2,5



Hummus - €7

Served with crackers 

Olives - €5

Large, green Bella Cerignola olives 

Petits Saucissons Secs– €7

Cocktail salami from France

Cheese of the Month - €9,5

Brought to you by Van Tricht

Chocolate Chip Cookie - €4

Check the stand - By Cookiele

About Us

Luddites is bookstore, wine bar and a safe haven for people who want to evade the digital world, in pursuit of quietude or Bacchic bliss. Housed in a historic building in the center of Antwerp, we offer the largest selection of English books in the city, as well as a great selection of Dutch books. Hidden just up the stairs is a wine bar where customers can enjoy an exceptional but affordable glass of wine.

Luddites is a project dreamed up by Richard Bolte and Jorien Caers on one dark, stormy night. We think was also the Ides of March or something—but, like, in October of 2018. After more than a year of planning, renovating and deciding we're never ever coming near a can of paint again, Luddites officially opened its doors on the 5th of March 2020.



Luddites is not a French word and is not pronounced like “crudités.” Luddites believed in Luddism and claimed to be followers of Ned Ludd, a largely fictional character probably based on King Lud of Britain, who was also largely fictional. Thus, it is pronounced luh-daits, just like supporters of King James II’s claim to the throne were called Jacobites (ja-kub-baits).