The Cat Who Taught Zen

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    DescriptionThe Cat Who Taught Zen

    James Norbury
    176 pages

    Following the phenomenal international success of Big Panda and Tiny Dragon and The Journey, James Norbury's latest book introduces readers to a very special cat on a remarkable adventure. "I've learnt that what we want is seldom what we need, and what we need is almost never what we want" This is the tale of a cat wise in the ways of zen, journeying to discover a fabled ancient pine, under which infinite wisdom may be found. Along the way he meets a vivid cast of animals: from an anxious monkey and a tortoise tired of life, to a tiger struggling with anger, a confused wolf cub and a covetous crow.

    But it's a surprise encounter with a playful kitten, that forces the cat to question everything . . .

    Told in a gentle, calming style, The Cat Who Taught Zen introduces a new cast of characters for readers of all ages to fall in love with, offering timeless wisdom wrapped up into a tale of beguiling beauty.

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