What Time is Love?

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    DescriptionWhat Time is Love?

    Holly Williams
    400 pages

    Holly's beautiful prose smoulders, crackles and roars' DAISY BUCHANAN1947. 1967. 1987.

    When Violet and Albert first meet, they are always twenty. Three decades. Over the years, Violet and Albert's lives collide again and again: beneath Oxford's spires, on the rolling hills around Abergavenny, in stately homes and in feminist squats.

    And as each decade ends, a new love story begins... Two people. Together, they are electric and the world is glittering with possibility.

    But against the shifting times of each era, Violet and Albert must overcome differences in class, gender, privilege and ambition. Each time their lives entwine, it will change everything. One moment is all it takes...

    As their eyes first meet, for a split-second it's as if the clocks have stopped. Nothing else matters. Yet whichever decade brings them together, Violet and Albert are soon forced to question: what if they met the right person at the wrong time?A sweeping, nostalgic and dazzlingly immersive love story, perfect for fans of The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett, Miss You by Kate Eberlen and Normal People by Sally Rooney.


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