The 500 Hidden Secrets of Antwerp

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    DescriptionThe 500 Hidden Secrets of Antwerp

    The second book in the fabulous 500 Hidden Secrets series, this time revealing the beauty of the city of Antwerp. Discover the city's best-kept secrets, with this practical guide to Antwerp's finest places. A practical guide to discover Antwerp's finest buildings, restaurants, shops, museums, neighbourhoods, parks, hotels, cafes, art, architecture and people.

    This fantastic guide will tell you the best places to go for good food, be it lunch, a cheap meal or fine dining as well as where to get the best coffee, the best cocktails and the coolest cafes. It will direct you to the best shops, children's stores, markets, boutiques and tell you where to buy the latest fashions, accessories, shoes and designer wear. The architecture of Antwerp is not forgotten as the book guides you to the most beautiful buildings, historical landmarks and parks.

    The 500 hidden secrets of Antwerp are listed thematically: food, drinks, shops, fashion, architecture, art, things to do with children, activities among others. Also available: The 500 Hidden Secrets of Brussels ISBN: 9789460580925

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