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Belgium for Foodies

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    DescriptionBelgium for Foodies

    Femke VandeveldeFrom fantastic food shops to extraordinary locations to dine al fresco, from classy, Michelin-starred restaurants to cafés with simple but tasty local specialities: this must-have guide for foodies takes you to the places every food lover should visit in Belgium.

    In Belgium for Foodies, culinary journalist and food writer Femke Vandevelde (for De Morgen Magazine among others) has compiled the very best places in Belgium to eat and drink. The photos by Tony Le Duc are the perfect illustrations to original lists such as:

    tasty hidden gems worth the trip

    the best places for authentic Japanese cuisine

    female chefs to follow

    the best spots for delicious bowls

    paradise for meat lovers

    ...and much more.

    Belgium for Foodies is one of the spin-off titles of The 500 Hidden Secrets series of essential city guides. This guide focusses on one particular aspect of Belgium. Author Femke Vandevelde will help you find the very best culinary experiences that Belgium has to offer.

    last update September 2021

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