Sleep Reset: The New Tools of Rest & Recovery

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    DescriptionSleep Reset: The New Tools of Rest & Recovery

    Natalie Pennicotte-Collier
    336 pages

    Discover the tools you need to become your own best sleep coach. How are you sleeping? Restless nights, bleary-eyed mornings or full-blown insomnia? The good news is that, even in tough times, your ability to sleep is never truly broken. Packed with empowering rest and recovery strategies, and supported by the latest sleep science, Sleep Reset is your new five-week recovery plan for better sleep.

    Utilising a unique blend of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy techniques, breathwork and hypnotherapy (with fifteen bonus audio tracks), learn how to:- Get back in touch with the most evolved sleep tech on this planet - your inner body clock- Support your nervous system to reduce sleep stress and calm your racing mind- Rebuild your sleep confidence and begin your recoveryThrough a day-to-night roadmap for better sleep that starts the moment you wake up, you'll learn how to be your own best sleep coach and get back on track - for life.

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