It's a Continent

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    DescriptionIt's a Continent

    Astrid Madimba & Chinny Ukata
    352 pages

    Why is Africa often perceived as a single country? What role did African soldiers play in the Second World War?Who else led the charge against Apartheid in South Africa?How did an African man become one of the wealthiest people in history?It's a Continent unravels these untold stories and delves into the fascinating and diverse cultures of Africa's 54 nations. With its bold and colourful narrative, It's a Continent breaks down this vast and complex continent, chapter by chapter, focusing on each country's unique history. From ancient kingdoms to modern struggles for independence, from overlooked heroes to monumental achievements, this book shines a light on the pivotal moments that have shaped Africa's position on the global stage.

    This book is a corrective to the misconceptions and misrepresentations of Africa as a monolith. Through its pages, you'll discover Africa's diversity, beauty and complexity and gain a deeper appreciation for its rich heritage and contributions.

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