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    416 pages

    High school sucks. Especially for the undead. When Kat Finn arrives at Harcote, a prestigious vampire-only boarding school, she's in unchartered territory.

    After living amongst humans and struggling to make ends meet, she's suddenly thrust into the alluring world of elite vampires - and her fortune is about to change. Taylor Sanger is tired of the vampire world's out-of-touch views, especially as an out-and-proud lesbian. She's willing to fly under the radar for two more years at Harcote before she's free, but Kat's arrival changes everything.

    Kat and Taylor were once best friends. It didn't end well. A horrifying discovery means they have to set their differences aside and investigate the deep secrets at Harcote and the conspiracy underpinning all of Vampiredom.

    As they investigate, will their old friendship be rekindled into something more?

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