Walking: One Step at a Time

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    DescriptionWalking: One Step at a Time

    'After having put my shoes on and let my thoughts wander, I am sure of one thing - to put one foot in front of the other is one of the most important things we do.'

    From those perilous first steps as a toddler, to great expeditions, from walking to work to trekking to the North Pole, Erling Kagge explains that he who walks goes further and lives better. Walking is a book about the love of exploration, the delight of discovery and the equilibrium that can be found in this most simple of activities.

    'Erling Kagge is a philosophical adventurer - or perhaps an adventurous philosopher' New York Times

    'If you are a walker this book will resonate with you, if you have seldom or never walked this book should be compulsory reading.' -- Rosamund Young

    'A thought-proving and enjoyable book that revels in seeing the global in the local. Erling Kagge reveals new ways to view home and homo sapiens, and, as he travels leisurely, we grow slowly wiser.' -- Tristan Gooley

    'Part rumination, part walking coach and companion...and one that might just do more for your health and happiness than your treadmill alone ever could.' -- New York Journal of Books

    'A thoughtful book-length essay on a taken-for-granted human activity.' -- Kirkus

    '[Walking is] much more subtle than a typical self-help...Erling Kagge uses his acquaintance with extreme environments to reflect on the mental and physical benefits of walking.' -- The Economist

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