Time Wise

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    DescriptionTime Wise

    Amantha Imber
    320 pages

    This book gives access to the secrets and strategies they've found for making things work.

    From Wharton Professor Adam Grant's trick to get into flow when he starts work, Google's Executive Productivity Advisor, Laura Mae Martin, and her inbox shape-shifting, to Cal Newport's multiple kaban boards, this isn't your typical productivity book. You know the basics and have heard the swallow-the-frog platitudes. Time Wise goes deeper and unveils some of the more counterintuitive but effective methods that boost your productivity.

    Some of the high achievers featured, along with their personal strategies, include Adam Alter setting systems instead of goals, Rita McGrath who consults her own personal board of directors, Jake Knapp who focuses on the one important thing of the day and Oliver Burkeman's approach to beating the to-do list. This book will allow you to master the superpower of using your time wisely to achieve success in business, life and beyond.

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