Thriving differently: How I navigate life with autism and ADHD

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    DescriptionThriving differently: How I navigate life with autism and ADHD

    Elise Cordaro

    Does a supermarket visit wear you out? Do you get stressed when your plans get disrupted? Do you feel like the world doesn’t quite suit you? Nothing to worry about, because everyone feels like that sometimes, right? Or is there more to it?

    Elise Cordaro only discovered at 27 that she has autism and ADHD. At first, psychologists waved away her request for help. After all, she looked perfectly normal, had two master’s degrees and had been living alone for a while. She turned out to be a master of camouflage. Over the years, she developed strategies to handle the everyday things others take for granted: studying, working, shopping, housework, small talk...

    The diagnoses came as a relief. Finally, she had an explanation for why everything takes so much effort, and she realized that she was handling it all quite well, actually. In this book, Elise speaks candidly about how she deals with her dual diagnosis. She encourages fellow neurodivergent tribe members with concrete tips, mind hacks and inspiration to function better with autism and ADHD.

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