The Wren, The Wren (Softback)

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    DescriptionThe Wren, The Wren (Softback)

    Anne Enright
    275 pages

    Nell - funny, brave and so much loved - is a young woman with adventure on her mind. As she sets out into the world, she finds her family history hard to escape.

    For her mother, Carmel, Nell's leaving home opens a space in her heart, where the turmoil of a lifetime begins to churn. And across the generations falls the long shadow of Carmel's famous father, an Irish poet of beautiful words and brutal actions.

    This is a meditation on love: spiritual, romantic, darkly sexual or genetic. A multigenerational novel that traces the inheritance not just of trauma but also of wonder, it is a testament to the glorious resilience of women in the face of promises false and true.

    Above all, it is an exploration of the love between mother and daughter - sometimes fierce, often painful, but always transcendent.

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