The Story Collector

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    DescriptionThe Story Collector

    Iris Costello
    400 pages

    Three women. A long-buried secret. One voice will free them all…London, 1915: Amid the wartime chaos, Katerina is hailed as a beacon of hope for her bakery, which offers divination alongside sweet treats.

    But the dark truth she’s hiding could cost her everything. Germany, 1918: Miriam secretly vows to help a mute British soldier in the prisoner-of-war camp she’s stationed at. Soon she must make an impossible choice: will she save the one she loves, or herself?Cornwall, Present Day: Edie is astonished to discover a mysterious box hidden in the wall of her newly renovated cottage.

    As Edie starts to investigate, she uncovers a secret that has lain hidden for over a century... Sweeping through the cobbled streets of war-time London, a German WWI camp, and the sea-swept cliffs of Cornwall, The Story Collector is a thrilling, richly woven story about three women, bound by a long-held secret.

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