The Queen of Poisons

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    DescriptionThe Queen of Poisons

    Robert Thorogood

    Who killed the Mayor? It's up to the Marlow Murder Club to find out . . .Geoffrey Lushington, Mayor of Marlow, dies suddenly during a Town Council meeting.

    When traces of aconite - also known as the queen of poisons - are found in his coffee cup, the police realise he was murdered. But who did it? And why?The police bring Judith, Suzie and Becks in to investigate as Civilian Advisors right from the start, so they have free rein to interview suspects and follow the evidence to their heart's content, which is perfect because Judith has no time for rules and standard procedure. But this case has the Marlow Murder Club stumped.

    Who would want to kill the affable Mayor? How did they even get the poison into his coffee? And is anyone else in danger? The Marlow Murder Club are about to face their most difficult case yet . . .

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