The House Witch and The Charming of Austice (Book 2)

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    DescriptionThe House Witch and The Charming of Austice (Book 2)

    Delemhach Emilie Nikota
    368 pages

    House witch Finlay Ashowan must contend with matters of the heart, hearth, and kingdom in the second book in this whimsical, romantic fantasy series. --Between his work for the King and Queen of Daxaria and a new (secret) relationship with Lady Annika Jenoure, Fin the cook's life is anything but tidy. Annika is being forced from the castle after there are threats to her safety.

    All the while tension is brewing with the kingdom of Troivack and war seems to draw ever closer. As if he doesn't have enough on his plate, Fin is soon promoted from cook to spy and sent into the city of Austice where he must sleuth out the plans of the Troivackian troops allegedly hidden there. However, an unwelcome visitor is about to knock on his door, and Fin’s world starts to unravel even more .

    . . As Fin forges new friendships and alliances he must navigate courtly intrigues, old feuds, and very personal problems.

    This is the magical second book in the joyful The House Witch series.

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