The Herbal Year : Folklore, History and Remedies

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    DescriptionThe Herbal Year : Folklore, History and Remedies

    Christina Hart-Davies
    256 pages

    From sweet violets in spring to rosemary in winter, via marigolds, sage, elderberries, and hops, every season has its own bounty of herbs and plants.

    Christina Hart-Davies presents a delightful guide to common plants as they appear throughout the year. Drawing on writers, storytellers, and poets from across the centuries, she examines the long history of herbal remedies. She shows how plants have been used for healing and unearths the stories and beliefs that surround them—including simple recipes for use at home.

    Fully illustrated with exquisitely detailed watercolours, this is an inspirational guide to exploring our age-old relationship with plants. Readers will discover the hidden secrets of the plants that surround us and, through this, will be able to reconnect with our place in nature. We have relied on plants throughout our history.

    We still do, and, with luck, we always will.

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