The Darkness Manifesto

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    DescriptionThe Darkness Manifesto

    Johan Ekloef
    240 pages

    The Darkness Manifesto urges us to cherish darkness for the sake of the environment, our own wellbeing, and all life on earth. Entire ecosystems rely on natural darkness to flourish, from bats and keen-eyed owls capering across the starry sky to the bioluminescent creatures of the deep. But constant illumination has made light pollution a major threat.

    By extending our day, humans have disrupted the circadian rhythms necessary to sustain all living things. The Darkness Manifesto lifts night's veil to reveal the domino effect of damage we inflict by keeping the lights on: insects failing to reproduce, plants left unpollinated, countless hunting and migratory patterns eroded. Eye-opening and ultimately encouraging, this book offers simple steps that can benefit ourselves and the planet.

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