Saskia Naafs

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Amsterdam

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    DescriptionThe 500 Hidden Secrets of Amsterdam

    Saskia Naafs
    256 pages

    The 500 Hidden Secrets of Amsterdam reveals 500 off-the- beaten-track places and interesting details for anyone who’s keen to explore Amsterdam’s best-kept secrets, such as the 5 best places to dine on the water, the 5 best shops for Dutch design, 5 places to find art in public areas, the 5 most charming hidden gardens, 5 pleasant living room cafés ... and much more

    SASKIA NAAFS & GUIDO VAN EIJCK are researchers and writers specialised in a wide range of topics, from politics and urban planning to education and housing. Their work takes them to the far corners of their capital city, to places they probably wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. Saskia & Guido are also the authors of The 500 Hidden Secrets of Rotterdam and Hidden Holland

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