Systemic: How Racism Is Making Us Ill

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    DescriptionSystemic: How Racism Is Making Us Ill

    Layal Liverpool

    Racism is a public health crisis - and we can do something about it.
    A ground-breaking investigation into how racism corrodes science and medicine – leading to worse treatment for everyone.What can you do when science and medicine are as biased as the society they treat? Black and Asian patients in the UK wait nearly a week longer for a cancer diagnosis and globally, people of colour are not only more likely to die while giving birth, they are also more likely to die while being born – or soon afterwards. In Systemic, science journalist Layal Liverpool unearths the shocking facts behind the health threat of racism, and when a scientific bias is this pronounced, it results in worse treatment for everyone.

    We are collectively more ill, medical research is held back and our potential for scientific discoveries is reduced. But there is hope for a cure – practical solutions that we can implement to heal our world. Individuals can learn to advocate for themselves and others with scientifically backed data in the face of structural prejudice.

    Governments can enact policies aimed at tackling systemic inequities on a national level. Drawing on years of research, interviews and cutting-edge data from across the world, Systemic is a clarion call for a healthier world for us all.

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