Soul Boom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution

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    DescriptionSoul Boom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution

    Rainn Wilson

    Comedic actor, producer, and writer Rainn Wilson, cofounder of the media company SoulPancake, explores the problem-solving benefits that spirituality gives us to create solutions for an increasingly challenging world. The trauma that our struggling species has experienced in recent years-because of both the pandemic and societal tensions that threaten to overwhelm us-is not going away anytime soon. Existing political and economic systems are not enough to bring the change that the world needs.

    In this book, Rainn Wilson explores the possibility and hope for a spiritual revolution, a "Soul Boom," to find a healing transformation on both a personal and global levelFor Wilson, this is a serious and essential pursuit, but he brings great humour and his own unique perspective to the conversation. He feels that, culturally, we've discounted spirituality-faith and the sacred-and we need profound healing and a unifying understanding of the world that the great spiritual traditions provide. Wilson's approach to spirituality-the non-physical, eternal aspects of ourselves-is relatable and applies to people of all beliefs, even the sceptics.

    Filled with genuine insight-not to mention enlightening Kung Fu and Star Trek references-Soul Boom delves into ancient wisdom to seek out practical, transformative answers to life's biggest questions.

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