Song of the Huntress

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    DescriptionSong of the Huntress

    Lucy Holland

    Magic, myth, political intrigue, and a fierce and unique love story . . .
    A must-read for fans of Circe, Song of the Huntress recasts the folklore behind the Wild Hunt into a dark, feminist fantasy set amidst the legends and beauty of ancient Britain.Britain, 60 AD. Hoping to save her lover and her land from the Romans, Herla makes a desperate pact with the Otherworld King. She becomes Lord of the Hunt and for centuries she rides, reaping wanderers’ souls.
    Until the night she meets a woman on a bloody battlefield – a Saxon queen with ice-blue eyes.Queen thelburg of Wessex is a proven fighter, but after a battlefield defeat she finds her husband’s court turning against her. Yet King Ine needs thel more than ever: the dead kings of Wessex are waking, and Ine must master his bloodline’s ancient magic if they are to survive.When their paths cross, Herla knows it’s no coincidence. Something dark and dangerous is at work in the Wessex court.


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