Skandar and the Phantom Rider

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    DescriptionSkandar and the Phantom Rider

    A.F. Steadman
    416 pages

    HEROES AND UNICORNS AS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THEM BEFORE. The epic adventure continues . .

    . Don't miss this second book in the international bestselling SKANDAR series, an unmissable adventure for readers age 9 to 99 and fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Eragon. The Island shall have its revenge .

    . . Skandar Smith has achieved his dream to train as a unicorn rider.

    But as Skandar and his friends enter their second year at the Eyrie, a new threat arises. Immortal wild unicorns are somehow being killed, a prophecy warns of terrible danger, and elemental destruction begins to ravage the Island. Meanwhile, Skandar's sister, Kenna, longs to join him - and Skandar is determined to help her, no matter what.

    As the storm gathers, can Skandar discover how to stop the Island tearing itself apart - before it's too late for them all?

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