Scotland : The Global History: 1603 to the Present

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    DescriptionScotland : The Global History: 1603 to the Present

    Murray Pittock
    Paperback / softback
    528 pages, 64 b-w illus.

    An engaging and authoritative history of Scotland's influence in the world and the world's on Scotland, from the Thirty Years' War to the present day Scotland is one of the oldest nations in the world, yet by some it is hardly counted as a nation at all. Neither a colony of England nor a fully equal partner in the British union, Scotland has often been seen as simply a component part of British history. But the story of Scotland is one of innovation, exploration, resistance-and global consequence.

    In this wide-ranging, deeply researched account, Murray Pittock examines the place of Scotland in the world. He explores Scotland and Empire, the rise of nationalism, and the pressures on the country from an increasingly monolithic understanding of "Britishness." From the Thirty Years' War to Jacobite risings and today's ongoing independence debates, Scotland and its diaspora have undergone profound changes. This groundbreaking account reveals the diversity of Scotland's history and shows how, after the country disappeared from the map as an independent state, it continued to build a global brand.

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