Say You’ll Be My Jaan

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    DescriptionSay You’ll Be My Jaan

    Naina Kumar
    352 pages

    Meghna has tried everything to find her jaan: blind dates, the dreaded apps, even attempting conversations with strangers. Everything except arranged marriage.

    Then Seth, her best friend and the-one-who-got-away, asks her to be his "best man" and suddenly her parent's taste doesn't seem so bad. Which is how she meets the cranky but handsome Karthik, who knows marriage is not for him. They’re the perfect match – if not the one their parents think they are making – and a deal is struck.

    They’ll announce their engagement: Karthik will be excused from his mother’s set-ups and Meghna will have a date for the wedding from her nightmares. But how can you fake it and get away with it, when you’re not faking it at all?For fans of WEDDING SEASON, SAY YOU'LL BE MY JAAN is brimming with characters you can't help but fall for, off-the-charts chemistry and all the joy of a 90s romcom as it takes a fresh look on that age old search for your other hal

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