Rabbit Hole

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    DescriptionRabbit Hole

    Kate Brody
    384 pages

    A deliciously dark and twisted debut about family secrets, true crime, and destructive obsession by a striking new talent Teddy Angstrom is no stranger to morbid public interest in her family s tragedies. And when her father dies suddenly, ten years to the day after her sister Angie s disappearance, she intends to maintain as much privacy as she always has. Clearing out her father s office, however, Teddy discovers her father s double life: a decade-long investigation into wild conspiracies from a Reddit community of true crime fans fixated on Angie.

    Repelled and compelled in equal measure by this new online dimension, Teddy finds herself falling down that same rabbit hole. So when nineteen-year-old Mickey, a charming amateur internet sleuth, materialises in real life, Teddy determines that the two of them are going to team up to find out what really happened to Angie and whether there s any chance she might still be alive. But as she struggles to reconcile new information with old memories, Teddy doesn t notice that her obsession is making her increasingly self-destructive.

    And she s in way over her head before she s realises that Mickey, too, is not all she seems Noirish, haunting and razor-sharp, as compulsive as a late-night Reddit binge, Rabbit Hole is an unforgettable debut about violence, family and grief.

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