Our Cursed Love

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    DescriptionOur Cursed Love

    Julie Abe
    304 pages

    Destiny, magic, true love .

    . . Remy is in love with her best friend Cam, and a winter trip to Japan provides the perfect setting to tell him how she truly feels.

    But when a mystical tea leaf reading reveals they’re not meant to be together, Remy and Cam find themselves in a secret magical apothecary in their search for answers. Here they are offered an ancient soulmate elixir - but upon drinking it they are plunged into chaos when Cam's memories of Remy completely disappear. They must travel through Tokyo to rediscover Cam’s memories and make new ones, for if Remy can't help restore Cam's memories before midnight on New Year’s Eve, they’ll be cursed to forget each other .

    . . forever.

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