Oar Than Friends

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    DescriptionOar Than Friends

    Lulu Moore
    432 pages

    She's rowing for Cambridge. He's rowing for Oxford.

    But they just can't keep one another at oar's length . . .

    Arthur Osbourne-Cloud has his future mapped out for him – graduate Oxford and follow his dreadful father into politics. Except Arthur wants anything but that. He’d rather spend his days rowing for gold at the Olympics,.

    And this year he has the Boat Race to win. Kate Astley also has her future mapped out. Fly half-way across the world, and win a scholarship at Cambridge University to study medicine.

    Oh, and crew for the legendary Boat Race. Seems simple enough. But then she meets Arthur.

    For Arthur, this feisty American challenges everything he's been taught to believe, while Kate battles between what she's expected to do, and what she wants to do. The bitter rivalry between their universities ought to destroy them. Or will it just be a matter of time before they surrender to the sizzling chemistry between them?But In The Boat Race, there can only be one winner.

    Who will sink and who will swim?

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