Nipponia Nippon

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    DescriptionNipponia Nippon

    Kazushige Abe
    160 pages

    An off-kilter darkly ironic novella about a boy's strange obsession with the Japanese crested ibis, from a Japanese literary starSeventeen-year-old Haruo spends all his waking hours online, fixated on the endangered Japanese crested ibis, Nipponia Nippon. Alone in his Tokyo apartment, living off his parents' indulgence, he descends into a fantasy world where he alone shares a bond with the last of these noble birds, their lives caged in the national conservation centre. Haruo's destiny becomes clear.

    He will free the birds-alive or dead-from an undeserving civilization. As Haruo's emotional state grows increasingly erratic, he searches the internet for weapons and prepares for the night of reckoning.

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