Murdle: Even More Killer Puzzles (3)

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    DescriptionMurdle: Even More Killer Puzzles (3)

    G.T. Karber
    384 pages

    Our tireless detective is ready to unwind on a long-awaited vacation ... until a series of fiendishmurders require his particular expertise in this third instalment of Murdle: Even More Killer Puzzles. Join Deductive Logico as he solves the riddles of the suspiciously disorderly Investigation Institute, wanders the eerie corridors of a tech billionaire's desert retreat and engages with AI supercomputer MORIARTY to uncover the secrets of TekTopia - before it's too late!Can YOU examine the clues, interview the witnesses and complete the deduction grids to catch thevillainous culprits? Packed with illustrations, codes and maps, this is the thrilling detective casebook for the sleuthing puzzler in all of us.

    Miss Marple never cracked a case like this ... it's time to sharpen your wits and solve a MURDLE!

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