Missing Dead Girls

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    Description Missing Dead Girls

    Sara Walters
    240 pages

    What is friendship without a few secrets?It wasn't Tillie's choice to leave Philadelphia. But after everything that happened junior year, her mom insisted the quiet suburb of Willow Creek was the perfect place to get a fresh start, to put the trauma and rumors behind them. Madison Frank is the perfect distraction.

    Beautiful, fun, and from the wealthy side of town, Madison is the kind of girl who has a pull stronger than gravity. She commands attention, even inspires obsession. And by the end of summer, Tillie's forgotten everything-everyone-she left in Philadelphia.

    Almost. Then Madison goes missing. A photo of her bloody body is texted to the whole student body...from an account with Tillie's name on it.

    Tillie's caught in a tangled web of secrets that will destroy her if they surface...and will destroy everyone she loves if they don't.

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