Maddalena and the Dark

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    DescriptionMaddalena and the Dark

    Julia Fine
    304 pages

    Venice, 1717.

    Before Maddalena arrived at the Ospedale della Pietà, Venice's most illustrious music school, fifteen-year-old orphan Luisa has only wanted one thing: to be the best at violin. Luisa is good at violin, but she is not the best. She has peers, but she does not have friends.

    Until Maddalena. Sent to the Pietà until her noble family can find her a husband, Maddalena is cunning, passionate, and unlike anyone Luisa has ever met. Maddalena can promise the world to Luisa, and when she does, their fates intertwine.

    But Maddalena has made a dangerous wager and, for both girls, there will be an unimaginable price to pay.

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