Lovers in Auschwitz : A True Story

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    DescriptionLovers in Auschwitz : A True Story

    Keren Blankfeld

    Zippi Spitzer and David Wisnia's story began when they first locked eyes across the work floor. It was the start of a romance that could have unfolded anywhere if it weren't for one key difference: Zippi and David were prisoners in history's most infamous death camp.

    David and Zippi defied the odds by surviving for years beneath the ash-choked skies of Auschwitz.

    Shielded by the protection of their fellow inmates, saved on occasion by their own ingenuity and twists of fate, their love affair reminded them that their old world still existed - a world of possibilities, of freedom and desire. As the war's end drew near, little did they know just how far their lives would diverge, and how many years would pass before they would meet again.

    An unbelievable true story of romance, sacrifice, loss, and resilience, Lovers in Auschwitz chronicles the lives of two young people ensnared in the Nazis' horrific creation, who discovered hope and humanity in history's darkest hour.

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