Knife Skills for Beginners

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    DescriptionKnife Skills for Beginners

    Orlando Murrin

    A recipe for disaster.
    When chef Paul Delamare takes a job teaching at an exclusive residential cookery school in Belgravia, the only thing he expects his students to murder is his taste buds.

    But on the first night, the unthinkable happens: someone turns up dead...

    The school rests on a knife-edge.
    The police are convinced Paul is the culprit. After all, he's good with a blade, was first on the scene - and everyone knows it doesn't take much to push a chef over the edge. To prove his innocence, he must find the killer.

    Could it be one of his students? Or the owner of the school - a woman with secrets and a murky past?

    It all boils down to murder.
    If Paul can't solve the mystery fast - as well as teach his students how to make a perfect hollandaise sauce - he'll be next to get the chop.


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