Kid Detectives: The Mysterious Encounter with AI

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    DescriptionKid Detectives: The Mysterious Encounter with AI

    Adam Bushnell
    32 pages

    Join a group of four kid detectives and help them find out about STEM while developing problem solving, observation and deduction, and investigating skills. Our four detectives, Farah, Amelia, Mohammad and Sam, have entered an inter-school quiz competition. They need to study and prepare if they want to win.

    They meet the new librarian, who they soon find out is a robot powered by Artificial Intelligence! But something is wrong with her code.... Join the detectives as they learn how AI works. With the help of the school's IT technician, they'll soon figure out how to fix the librarian's code.

    Featured interactive elements: - Spot the glitch in the AI's neural network - Spot the bug in the AI's code and correct it - Gather crucial information from fact panels about how AI worksThrough interactive adventures that combine facts, brain-teasing puzzles and lively illustrations, the books impart STEM knowledge in an original way to inspire a love of the subject. The story in each book will have the reader solving puzzles, finding clues, cracking secret codes and uncovering mysteries. Perfect for aspiring detectives aged 7+.

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