Just My Type

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    DescriptionJust My Type

    Falon Ballard
    368 pages

    Ever since a disastrous high-school break-up, Lana Parker has bounced from one long-term relationship to the next - she even works as a dating and relationship columnist. So, when Lana suddenly finds herself single, she's ready for a break, personally and professionally.

    But then her high-school ex, Seth Carson, takes an assignment at Lana's website. Having spent years travelling the world as a freelance journalist, Seth's finally ready to put down roots, even if it means treading on some toes. Pitted against each other for a shot at a dream job, Seth and Lara are each tasked with writing an article series that goes against their usual dating type: Lana will write about being - and staying - single, while Seth learns how to become boyfriend material.

    With their careers on the line, Seth and Lana's chemistry is just as combative - and undeniable - as ever. But when these two square off, it's not only their careers on the line - it's also their hearts.

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