In The Weeds

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    DescriptionIn The Weeds

    B.K. Borison
    Paperback / softback
    336 pages

    A grumpy farmer. A no-nonsense social media influencer. A small town of busybodies, and four very cute kittens.

    Evelyn St. James isn't the kind of woman you forget. Beckett Porter certainly hasn't.

    One incredible weekend in Maine and he's officially a man distracted. So when she suddenly appears on his farm as part of a social media contest, he's . . . confused. He had no idea that the sweet and sexy woman he met at a bar is actually a global phenomenon: social media influencer Evelyn St.

    James. Feeling disconnected from her work and increasingly unhappy, Evelyn is trying to find her way back to something real. She returns to the last place she was happy - Lovelight Farms and the tiny town of Inglewild.

    It has absolutely nothing to do with the hot farmer she spent two incredible nights with. Nothing at all . . .

    In the Weeds is the second book in a series of interconnected standalones following the three Lovelight owners.

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