Goodbye Globalization : The Return of a Divided World

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    DescriptionGoodbye Globalization : The Return of a Divided World

    Elisabeth Braw
    336 pages

    A bold new account of the state of globalization today—and what its collapse might mean for the world economy After the Cold War, globalization accelerated at breakneck speed. Manufacturing, transport, and consumption defied national borders, companies made more money, and consumers had access to an ever-increasing range of goods. But in recent years, a profound shift has begun to take place.

    Business executives and politicians alike are realising that globalization is no longer working. Supply chains are imperilled, Russia has been expelled from the global economy after its invasion of Ukraine, and China is using these fissures to leverage a strategic advantage. Given these pressures, what will the future of our world economy look like? In this groundbreaking account, Elisabeth Braw explores the collapse of globalization and the profound challenges it will bring to the West.

    Drawing on interviews with prominent executives and policymakers from around the world, Braw poses the difficult questions all businesses and economies will face—and traces the intricate story of globalization from the exuberant ’90s to the embattled present.

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