Foul Heart Huntsman (Foul Lady 2)

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    DescriptionFoul Heart Huntsman (Foul Lady 2)

    Chloe Gong
    560 pages

    Winter is drawing thick in 1932 Shanghai, as is the threat of a Japanese invasion. Rosalind Lang's identity as a national spy has been exposed. With the media camped outside her apartment, she's barely left her bedroom in weeks, plotting her next course of action after Orion was taken and his memories wiped.

    Their marriage might have been a sham, but his absence hurts more than any physical wound. She won't rest until she gets him back. But with her identity in the open, the task is near impossible.

    The only way to rescue Orion is under the guise of a national tour. It's easy to convince her superiors that the countryside needs unity more than ever, and who better than an immortal girl to stir pride and strength? When the tour goes wrong, everything Rosalind once knew is thrown up in the air. Taking refuge outside Shanghai, old ghosts return and adversaries turn to allies.

    To save Orion, they must find a cure to his mother's invention and steal this dangerous weapon away from foreign invasion -but the clock is ticking, and if Rosalind fails, it's not only Orion she loses, but her nation itself . . .

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