Flying Blind : The 737 MAX Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing

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    DescriptionFlying Blind : The 737 MAX Tragedy and the Fall of Boeing

    Peter Robison
    336 pages

    The definitive expose of how Boeing put profit before passengers, leading to the devastating loss of life in the 737 MAX crashes and the downfall of an American business giantIn examining the history of the 737, Flying Blind explores how Boeing's new management degraded a highly-regarded plane with cost-focused mandates and skimped on testing in the race to match a competing plane from Airbus.

    How Boeing outsourced software work to poorly paid graduates in India and convinced the US Federal Aviation Authority to put the MAX into service without requiring pilots to undergo simulator training, and how ultimately these failures resulted in the deaths of 346 Boeing passengers. Framed around the 737 MAX crashes, Flying Blind is the definitive expose that for the first time tells the larger, decades-long story of how a corrupt corporate culture paved the way for a cataclysm that cost lives.

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