Frank Herbert

Dune (Hardback)

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    DescriptionDune (Hardback)

    Frank Herbert
    624 pages

    Paul Atreides, son of Duke Leto Atreides, and all of his family have been sent to the planet Arrakis, having been outmanoeuvred by their arch-enemy Baron Harkonnen.

    Arrakis - also known as Dune - is an arid place, but a planet of fabulous wealth, the only source of a drug prized throughout the Galactic Empire: Spice. What will happen next will change everything. There are secrets on Dune, known only to the planet's native people, the Fremen.

    They have been waiting for their moment to make their move. Paul will be brought into the path by terrible events beyond his control. But Paul himself is important.

    He is the child of destiny, a child of prophecy, and within him is the power to bring the Empire to its knees.

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