Calm : Brief Books about Big Ideas

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    DescriptionCalm : Brief Books about Big Ideas

    Iben Have
    Paperback / softback
    60 pages

    A short but engaging look at how to cultivate a sense of calm in our busy world. In Calm, sound and media researcher Iben Have explores how to cultivate a feeling of calm using digital technologies, sound, routines, and mindfulness training, and our own bodies and minds. Professor Have delves into the science behind human perception and sensory experience to discover that our perceptual experiences are not based on culture alone, but are rooted in a deeper, shared human phenomenon.

    While creativity generally requires calm, our need for peace and quiet varies greatly. Some people need lots of stimulus, whereas others feel most alert in tranquil environments. By determining the right stimulation zone, Professor Have outlines how we can perform and feel our best, existing mindfully and in the present.

    In Reflections, a series copublished with Denmark's Aarhus University Press, scholars deliver 60-page reflections on key concepts. These books present unique insights on a wide range of topics that entertain and enlighten readers with exciting discoveries and new perspectives.

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