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Geert Mak

Grote verwachtingen (2e herziene editie)

Hardback 496 pagina's Grote verwachtingen, het vervolg op het immens succesvolle In Europa van 2004, verscheen eind 2019. Waar In Europa inging op de in zoveel opzichten gruwelijke 20ste eeuw gete...

Geert Mak

The Dream of Europe: Travels in the Twenty-First Century

PaperbackGeert Mak How did the great European dream turn sour? And where do we go from here? From the author of the internationally acclaimed In Europe, a stunning history of our present, examining ...

Geert Mak

In Europe: Travels Through the Twentieth Century

SoftbackGeert Mak The Vintage Classics Europeans series - with covers provided by textile design firm Wallace Sewell, these are must-have editions of European masterpieces, celebrating the warp and w...
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