25/07 - Book Club: The Word for World Is Forest

25/07 - Book Club: The Word for World Is Forest

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25.07.24 @ 20h30

A Sci-Fi Classic from the 70's

This timeless classic from Ursula Le Guin is set on a heavily forested planet that is being colonized and drained of its resources by humans (whose home planet, Earth, no longer has trees). But the planet isn't uninhabited: the Athsheans, or "chreechies" as the humans call them, seem docile at first because their species doesn't have the concept of murder. However, all of that will soon change. It is an unforgettable tale of the damage we do--and the damage that cannot be undone.

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Buy your copy here: https://www.luddites.be/the-word-for-world-is-forest.html