Black Candle Women

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    DescriptionBlack Candle Women

    Diane Marie Brown
    368 pages

    'All of you are cursed, you hear me?An ugly death for the ones with whom you fall in love'Generations of Montrose women - Augusta, Victoria, Willow - have lived together in their quaint two-story bungalow in California for years. They keep to themselves, never venture far from home, and their collection of tinctures and spells is an unspoken bond between them. But when seventeen-year-old Nickie Montrose brings home a boy for the first time, their quiet lives are thrown into disarray.

    For the other women have been withholding a secret from Nickie that will end her relationship before it's even begun: the decades-old family curse that any person they fall in love with dies. Their surprise guest forces each woman to reckon with her own past choices and mistakes. And as new truths about the curse emerge, the family is set on a collision course dating back to a voodoo shop in 1950s New Orleans's French Quarter-where a hidden story in a mysterious book may just hold the answers they seek in life and in love...

    Rich in its sense of character and place, Black Candle Women is a haunting and magical debut from a talented new storyteller.

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