Beautiful Trauma: A Journey of Discovery in Science and Healing

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    DescriptionBeautiful Trauma: A Journey of Discovery in Science and Healing

    Rebecca Fogg
    272 pages

    Late one night, Rebecca Fogg's hand is partially amputated in an explosion in her flat. Quick thinking saves her life, but the journey to recovery is a slow one. As the doctors rebuild her hand, Rebecca (who also survived 9/11) rebuilds her sense of self by studying the physical and psychological process of recovery.

    Interspersing the personal with the medical, Rebecca charts her year of rehabilitation, touching on the marvellously adaptable anatomy of the hand; how the brain's fight or flight mechanism suppresses conscious thought so we can react instantly to danger; and why trauma causes some people to develop PTSD, while giving others a whole new lease of life. Told with great emotional and intellectual clarity, BEAUTIFUL TRAUMA explores the resilient nature of the human spirit and the power we all hold in our hands.

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