Beasts of Ruin (Beasts of Prey 2)

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    DescriptionBeasts of Ruin (Beasts of Prey 2)

    Ayana Gray
    496 pages

    Koffi, gifted with powerful magic, has saved the boy she loves - at a terrible price.

    Now Koffi is a servant to the god of death, and must choose between the life she once had, or the life she could have if she truly embraced her power. Ekon is on the run from the ancient brotherhood he betrayed, and desperate to find Koffi: the girl who saved his life. But as he treks into the greater wilds of Eshoza in search of her, he must also contend with secrets his ancestors never wanted him to know.

    Separated by land, sea, and gods, Koffi and Ekon will have to risk everything. But the longer they're kept apart, the harder their loyalties are tested. An extraordinary adventure inspired by Pan-African mythology, from New York Times bestselling author Ayana Gray.

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