As Young as This

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    DescriptionAs Young as This

    Roxy Dunn

    An irresistible and achingly relatable debut novel for anyone who has ever had to let go of what they thought their life would look like and open themselves up to the dizzying possibilities of chance.

    Elliot. Joe.

    Tommy. Nathanael. Wren.

    Oliver. Malik. Zach.

    Frank. Patrick. Noah.

    These are the men Margot has loved, liked, lusted over.

    Since she was seventeen, she's pictured them like stepping stones - each one bringing her closer to finding someone to share her life with and, eventually, father the children she's always imagined in her future.

    From her first sexual encounter, to her first love, from grown-up dilemmas to spontaneous thrills, she's soaked up every experience available to her, discovering friendship, joy and despair. Through all of this she's refined her search until she believes she's arrived at 'the ending' to her story.

    So how did she find herself here, single at thirty-four, and about to make the biggest decision of her life?

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