As I Lay Dying

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    DescriptionAs I Lay Dying

    William Faulkner
    442 pages

    This Norton Critical Edition is based on the 1985 corrected text and is accompanied by newly updated and expanded explanatory annotations and an introduction by Michael Gorra. “Backgrounds and Contexts” is divided into three sections, each of which includes a concise introduction by Michael Gorra that carefully frames the issues presented, with particular attention to As I Lay Dying’s place in Faulkner’s literary life. “Contemporary Reception” includes a selection of seven reviews, including those by Julia K.

    W. Baker, Henry Nash Smith, and Valery Larbaud. “The Writer and His Work” examines Faulkner’s own claims regarding the composition of the novel and his changing opinions over time, sample pages from the manuscript, his Nobel Prize address, and additional writings by Faulkner on Yoknapatawpha County.

    “Cultural Context” reprints seven essays and advertisements—three selections new to the Second Edition—along with other materials that address questions of Southern motherhood, Agrarianism, and the Southern grotesque. “Criticism” begins with the editor’s introduction to As I Lay Dying’s critical history and scholarly reception. Eleven critical essays are included—five new to the Second Edition—by Olga W.

    Vickery, Cleanth Brooks, Eric Sundquist, Doreen Fowler, Dorothy J. Hale, Patrick O’Donnell, John T. Matthews, John Limon, Richard Godden, Susan Scott Parrish, and Erin E.

    Edwards. A chronology and a selected bibliography are also included.

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