Venomous Lumpsucker

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    DescriptionVenomous Lumpsucker

    Ned Beauman
    304 pages

    The venomous lumpsucker is the most intelligent fish on the planet. Or maybe it was the most intelligent fish on the planet.

    Because it might have just gone extinct. Nobody knows. And nobody really cares, either.

    Except for two people. Mining executive Mark Halyard has a prison cell waiting for him if that fish is gone for good, and biologist Karin Resaint needs it for her own darker purposes. They don't trust each other an inch, but they're left with no choice but to team up in search of the lumpsucker.

    And as they journey across the strange landscapes of near-future Europe - a nature reserve full of toxic waste; a floating city on the Baltic Sea; the lethal hinterlands of a totalitarian state - they're drawn into a conspiracy far bigger than one ugly little fish.

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